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N. Jefferson Ltd

Heat Activated Button Thread

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Simply sew it, steam it and secure it!
The common problem of buttons falling off is not only annoying for the end user, but costly and potentially damaging for brands and manufacturers. Coats Secura is a fusible, polyester, core-spun, self-locking thread that offers an enhanced button security in the garments.

The thread contains a fusible compound, which creates a fusible fibre matrix upon thermal activation by steam or normal iron, and offers increased cohesion and enhanced button security.

Coats Secura is simple to use—just sew it, steam it and secure it:
Sew on the button as you normally would. Secura pulls through the fabric easily, just like an all-purpose sewing thread. Secura can also be used as the top and bobbin thread on your sewing machine if you prefer to sew on buttons using a sewing machine.

Please click here to watch a tutorial video about this fantastic product! 

Main Uses
To attach buttons on all types of garments.
  • Shirt buttons
  • Buttons on ladies blouses
  • Buttons on workwear
  • Buttons on childrens wear
  • Trouser buttons without shank
  • Bead attachment
  • Sequin attachment
  • Suits and blazers
Features & Benefits
  • Excellent button pull through strength and great sewability.
  • Good abrasion resistance that seals loose ends.
  • Enhanced button security and increased button pull through strength
  • Safeguarding against choking for childrens wear