• Pre-orders are sent to the printer after the round closes
  • Please allow up to 8 weeks after closing for printing, processing, and shipping.
  • OTS will do our best to keep you updated in the event that there are delays. Some examples are holidays, customs, storms, processing, and other manmade or natural events. Please look for updates on FaceBook or Instagram. 
  • Do not combine orders from retail and pre-orders. OTS will cancel your retail portion and advise you that you must purchase retail separately.

Fabric Nuances 

  • All items are digitally printed. While it is not a flaw, natural and man made fibers absorb color differently. 
  • Panel Sizes
    • Power Panel Size is a full yard panel!! Width depends on base fabric choice, length is 36"

    • Small Panel size 15" x 18"

    • Large Panel size 30" x 36"

    • Medium Panel size 20” x 24”

    • Fat Half Power Panel Size is a full yard panel!! The Shaneka panel is our offset design version of the power panel. Its like getting a fat half panel with a fat half of the panel background with no breaks in the pattern! Width depends on base fabric choice, length is 36"

  • Available Fabric bases
    • Cotton Lycra : 230-240 gsm, 95/5, 58-60” in width
    • Bamboo Lycra: 220-240 gsm, 58"-60" in width
    • Woven: 140-150 gsm, 58-60" in width
    • Cotton French Terry: 220-240 gsm, 58-60" in width.
    • Swim: 220 gsm, 57-58" in width. 84% Polyester 15% Spandex UPF 50
    • Double Brushed Poly: 220-230 gsm 57-58" in width.
    • Minky: 220-230 gsm 57-58" in width.
    • Phluff: 95/5 350-380 gsm 56-58" in width 
    • Athletic: 280 gsm 84% Polyester 15% 
    • Vinyl: 100% Polyester, 53" width ***Shipped Folded***
  • Double Brushed Poly, Minky, and Phluff are beautifully soft fabric. Some designs will not be as sharp on this fabric. This is not a flaw but the nature of the fabric.
  • Normal Digital prints could
    • Include tiny white specks or dots through the fabric
    • Any flaws covered by a quarter within 4 inches of the edge including smudges/printing marks on the selvage of the fabric. 
    • Due to flaws being common, 5 yards and up will not be guaranteed to be continuous cuts. OTS will attempt when possible. If you have any concerns, please message AHEAD of an order stating this. If you receive fabric with a flaw, please check the measurements of our cut and we will add extra to account for the flaw. 
  • Please note that lighting (artificial/natural/direct/over or underexposure)can affect how a fabric looks. Our strike sewists can take editorial liberties when photographing and editing their photos. Compare as many examples as you can before making your selection. 

Shipping & Duty Fees

  • Please choose the most appropriate shipping for your items. You will be responsible for any additional costs if you’ve erroneously chosen the wrong service. We are unable to ship without your complete payment. 
  • Please contact OTS as soon as possible if your address changes. We cannot make changes after items have shipped. 
  • Vinyl is shipped folded. 

Returns and Refunds 

  • Refunds are only processed when there is something wrong with the fabric that does not fall under above stated Fabric Nuances 
  • Refunds are not processed for buyers remorse
  • Refunds are not processed for ‘pre-orders taking too long’. Please refer to the policies on Pre-Orders.
  • Please inspect fabric within 7 days of receiving. We are unable to offer refunds on washed and cut fabric. 
  • If you find that you are short on yardage/fabric, please review your invoice. Contact customer service : overtheselvage@gmail.com with photos/video of measured fabric. This must be done before washing or cutting. If there is a missing amount, OTS will refund you Per inch missing. For example, the fabric was $18 a yard. Each inch of this fabric would be 18/36= .5 or .50 cents an inch. Your refund will depend on the cost of the yard and the amount of inches missing.
  • You are responsible for the return postage and shipping of unwashed and uncut fabric. Refunds are issued after Over The Selvage has received and inspected the item(s). 
  • OTS is not responsible for any wear and use issues from fabric, including but not limited to fading, piling, or color bleeding, unless it is considered a defect and multiple issues have been documented. Please let us know if you have any concerns so it can be recorded and compared to any potential issues other customers are having. Please refer to recommended fabric care instructions to prevent any fading. 
    • We do not accept returns on cut fabric. Other unused and unopened items can be returned within 14 days of purchase. Customer is responsible for return shipping unless it is a manufacturers defect or an item received in error. 
    • OTS is not able to guarantee that RETAIL is consecutive cuts. You may receive in 1 or 2 yard increments
    • CANCELLATIONS: Once an order is placed with the printer, you cannot cancel. Any preorder cancellations will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. 

    If you noticed an issue with your fabric, let us know.


    Please fill out the Order Resolution Form if you have any concerns with your recent order.